$5 - $50 million
Typical Investment
Years of Combined Investment Experience
Primary Areas of Expertise
*(Finance, Operations, Capital Management, Business Strategy)

How Santiago Partners with Companies


Initial Meeting(s)

We will get to know one another, and dive deep into what you have built and introduce you to our fund.

Cursory Diligence

If we think there is a fit, we transition into the initial diligence phase to review operations, finance, and strategy etc. At this point, you should also do your own diligence on us. We will meet with you and your advisors to gain an understanding of the value of business.


We will communicate frequently during this process and have more meetings with your entire team as appropriate and use this time to tie up any loose ends. If we decide to invest, we will notify you and your advisers of the decision promptly.

If we move forward with a term sheet, we move through accounting, tax, legal, and intellectual property diligence judiciously but expeditiously to close quickly and limit deal risk to both parties. We are not “shoppers”, we are “buyers.”

Investment Criteria

We believe in alignment of your company and ours, so you will find a partner who understands what's important to you and has the capability to help. Here is how we make sure our partnership aligns:

Profitable Companies 

We look to partner with profitable founder or family-owned businesses that have been in business with at least 5 years of consistent and recurring revenue:
  • Revenues of $5 million to $25 million
  • EBITDA between $1million to $10million

Buyout and Management Led Buyout

We seek company owners that plan to sell or are ready to sell, and in turn, we provide equity and business support for control buyout and management-led buyout strategies:
  • Investment Size (including debt): $5 million to $50 million
  • Transaction type: transitional capital for control buyout or management-led buyouts

Target Industries and Geographies 

We focus on the following industries and geographies:

Industries: Manufacturing, industrial, infrastructure, business services

Geographies: United States domiciled: Southwest, Mountain Region, Midwest, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic

Learn How We Carry Forward Your Legacy

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Transitional Capital

Selling a business is a major life event but doesn’t have to be difficult. With our experience in family offices and financial institutions, we are uniquely positioned to help family businesses go through this major transition with the funds needed and the structure most suitable for your situation.
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Co-Create Greatness

We generally invest in companies with capable management teams to ensure continuity. As a partner, our goal is to support our companies. Our teams work alongside them to strategize and lead through the transitional moments, helping co-create opportunities for growth by providing support in both strategy and finance.
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Resources and Expertise

Our portfolio companies benefit from our vast network of strategic contacts and some serious connections companies need to succeed. These resources provide market and industry expertise, access to new customers, valuable investment capabilities, and much more.

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