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Transitional Capital for A Solid Future

Committed to your legacy

Committed to Your Legacy

At the heart of all we do is our commitment to continue building your legacy – that is our first principle. Building successful businesses takes time, collaboration, mutual respect, and solid performance.
Transitional capital

Capital for Transitional Moments

We understand family business and your unique needs in transitional moments. Whether that is cash up front, recapitalization, or management-led buyouts, we will work with you to find the right solution.
Active partner

Your Active Partner

We are more than just your source of exit capital, and we take an active role in learning the dynamics of your business and in ensuring the right strategies and resources are in place for your team for the company to thrive into the future.
Meaningful growth

Empowering Meaningful Growth

Our partners benefit from our wide network of strategic industry contacts, financial expertise, consultants, recruiters, management talent, and most importantly the partners of Santiago Investment Group – all ready to help the company achieve its full potential.

Partnering with Strong Family Businesses for Your Next Chapter

After years of hard work building a business, you are ready to move on and pass the proverbial baton. But who is going to take over your business and what if they don't have their own funding?

Most private and institutional funds overlook these businesses. Santiago looks to fill this void and be the buyer of choice.

We seek to make investments from $5 million to $50 million in companies with more than $5 million in annual revenues. Our partners find their core strengths and opportunities aligned with our expertise, so we are uniquely positioned to help the business write the next chapter.
  • “Dan Sierra is one of the most versatile and reliable partners we’ve worked with. He is great with everything from investment/divestment decisions, debt financing, and capital expenditures to all aspects of business operations and staffing. His engagement and leadership helped us become a leader in the industry.”
    John Lally and Paul Higgins
    Partners, The MHL Collection
  • “I always respect Dan for his high moral and ethical standards that he’s been practicing. He always does what he said he would, and his honesty, integrity and the fact he is really concerned about what’s best for his companies are some of the best qualities.”
    Chief Investment Officer
  • “I think Dan’s got a lot of patience with the founders and wants to push the companies forward but not push aside. His company sees the vast value in buying good companies and growing them for dividends and returns without the need to turn this over unnecessarily.”
    Ronald Rizzuto
    Endowed Chair, Reiman School of Finance
  • “Dan is highly intelligent, and incredibly knowledgeable of many investment areas across many different asset classes. He’s highly experienced in both the family office environment and the institutional environment. Dan is confident but is also willing to hear others say he’s wrong and keeps it impersonal.”
    Bryan Ritz
    Chief Investment Officer, Sturm Financial Group
  • “Dan wants to be the equity investors for the long haul. Most venture firms say they value relationships and the longevity of the companies, but their underlying message also says we will return our money to investors in five years. I don’t think that’s Dan - he really cares about relationships.”
    Randel Lewis
    Principal, Foundation, Ltd.


What are your investment criteria?
We have a detailed list of criteria (as should you!) and we prioritize your value and culture over other company attributes. Generally, there are 3 criteria we look for in companies. Click here to learn more.
How much money do you usually invest?
We typically invest between $5 million and $50 million. We also make follow-on investments in our portfolio companies to support organic growth as well as add-on acquisitions
What’s your investment process?
While every company is different, we generally go through these three stages when evaluating investment opportunities. Click the link to learn more.
What makes Santiago Investment Group different?
We think the depth and breadth of support we provide is pretty unique. But many of our partners tell us that the defining difference between us and other funds is in the human relationship they have with us.

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